Betting the ranch on turning copper into gold. What was a sleepy old DSL provider is now a fiber first company with 1.7M fiber broadband subscribers generating $1B in EBITDA from fiber alone. Does this growth company deserve to be valued at 6x?
FCF forecasts have been cut ~45% YoY, is it time to save face and bail?
Nebraska must have something in the water. A declining asset sending cash to other segments that are driving severe value.
Cross pollination with an Operator Edge
A pile of cash, plenty of experience, and skin in the game
What happens when an investor gets ahold of an under performing lending business anchored down by too much capital employed?
Inspired Entirely by John Hempton
We have seen a year of operations, ~$140 Mil (CAD) in asset sales, and $47 Mil in FCF. Here is why I recently made the name a larger portion of my…
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